Branding, Landing Page, Logo Development, Responsive And Mobile Website Development

National Apartment Flooring’s mission is full transparency,?so their?customers have peace of mind about what they are paying for. With this in mind, since it is also the mission of the Bureau Of Small Projects, when discussing the rebranding of their company, we chose what we call an “evolutionary branding” approach. We design and build and implement the brand with the understanding that only the “fittest” solutions “survive”.

Like many wildly successful companies that experience rapid growth, NAF’s?brand was a mish-mash of quick fixes done hastily and out of urgent necessity.?There was a lot of low-hanging fruit. So we set out to?“fix” the low-hanging fruit with the intent of simultaneously evolving a solid brand with a strongly communicated value proposition. We started?with the website, as that is the first point of contact, and logo. As we progress, we throw out what doesn’t visually communicate their motto of “Unsurpassed Integrity” and keep that which does. It’s a surprisingly simple and effective way to develop a strong brand quickly and cost effectively.

Unlike traditional branding, “evolutionary branding” produces?tangible marketing materials that immediately drive revenue rather than an expensive stack of papers.?The brand personality of the company, target audience, brand messaging and brand voice are all defined in the real world with a real world feedback loop that can be continuously refined, implemented and revised as data comes in. And like a system that produced the duck-billed platypus and the siberian tiger, you may not get what you first envisioned, but you wind up with a brand that is both surprising,?delightful and most importantly: EFFECTIVE.