Favourite Types of Events in Singapore

If you’ve been in Singapore for a while, you’d know that there’s only so much you can do in this tiny island city state of about 719 kilometres squared. But don’t underestimate the lion city just yet! Where Singapore lacks in physical space and actual number of locations to have fun activities at, it makes up for with the versatility and flexibility of its venues and locations, where various kinds of events can be done, thought of by some of the most creative minds and backed with expertise in event management.

What kind of events are commonly held in Singapore?

According to expert event organiser Marvele, corporate events in Singapore tend to be organised into 2 kinds – online and offline.

Online events include webinars, virtual events or live streaming events where information is shared online and people ‘attend’ online by accessing a website or webinar platform. These are usually done by companies or businesses looking to promote their products and services to an audience unbound by limitations of geography.

Offline events include trade shows, conferences, seminars or even breakfast, lunch, dinners themed around a topic, or sponsored by companies with a message to convey. It’s not unusual for a launching event or an awarding night to incorporate dance parties or teambuilding activities of some sort. Some of the more unusual events that show up more often recently in Singapore are hackathons that involve developers racing to complete a prototype product or application, and unconferences (also called open space conference) where the agenda is not set in stone by the organizer but rather driven by the participants’ passion and expertise.

Where do people hold their event in Singapore?

There are many stunning and unique spaces around Singapore – sure to be a fit for any and all types of special occasions for the company. For large-scale events, you can pick conventional venues such as Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre and MAX Atria (123,000 m2) Changi Exhibition Centre (100,000 m2), Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (42,000 m2) or the Sands Expo and Convention Centre (33,852 m2) — the latter two has the advantage of being green venues if you wish to impress your investors.

Aside from that, there are many luxury ballrooms and restaurants, complete with a host of entertainments that can keep your VIP guests entertained. Some of the more popular venues for hosting an event include The White Rabbit, Pollen at Gardens by the Bay, and FLUTES at National Museum of Singapore.

What’s the key to success in organizing an event?

Companies with no dedicated event management or marketing teams would do well to hire an event company to manage the events for them. There’s also another type of event that Singapore companies and organisations like to do, and that’s the team building themed event.

As said by team building expert Jack ‘Sparrow’ Chen of HappySparrow.com.sg, “Despite Singapore’s small size, we are still a choice destination for corporates from around the region and all over the globe to hold their corporate team building activities and events.”

Team building activities that are done in Singapore are usually themed around food, (which happens to be a favourite pastime of Singaporeans) adventure, sports or nature. Yes, despite its small size, Singapore is not without its beautiful natural sceneries. Heritage roads like Little India and Chinatown has a lot to offer – a window into the past of multicultural Singapore, and a melting pot for cuisine from around the world – thanks to the diversity of people who live in Singapore.

Team Building

Reasons to Bring the Clean-Shaven Look Back

The clean-shaven look is making a comeback. A few years back, many guys considered sporting long and thick beards in the name of fashion and culture. But, times have changed.

Here are four reasons why you should go back to sporting a clean-shaven look.

Four Reasons to Bring the Clean-Shaven Look Back

Because a beard is harder to maintain.

To maintain the clean-shaven look, all you need is a shaver, shaving cream and aftershave. If you’re using an electric shaver, you need even less. You only need a few things to look clean all the time.

On the other hand, maintaining a beard requires more work from you. To maintain a beard, you need all of the products mentioned above plus beard hair products. Buying beard hair products regularly will also put a dent in your current bank account. It takes more time and money to style a beard than to simply shave off your facial hair.

Because you have Alopecia Areata.

Alopecia reata is an autoimmune disorder that causes men to have bald patches on their beards. If you have this, it’s better for you to shave than try to grow a beard and be self-conscious about the bald patches in it.

Because you’re wearing a beard just to be trendy.

The rise of the beard was partly because of the rise of the “hipster” movement which essentially went against the norms set by big business and consumerism. More guys grew hair to respond to the strict corporate codes favoring the conservative clean-shaven look. Many companies also followed suit.

The problem with this seemingly anti-establishment trend is that it has become commercial. It has gone from being part of a movement to being just a trend and nothing else. In fact, a 2017 article in the website ShaveTalks cites a 2014  study which proves the ubiquity of the beard trend may have made it less attractive. Simply put, trendy beards can do you worse than better in the dating department.

So don’t grow a beard just to ride the bandwagon, grow a beard because you’ve been regularly growing one, or because you really want to have one.

If you’re wearing a beard just to match your lifestyle.

Freelancing? Eating more organic food? Consuming local lifestyle products to help small businesses and startups? We mentioned that the beard trend rose thanks to the hipster movement. But actually, you don’t need to have one just to prove that you’re doing all these great things to become healthier, help out the environment and local businesses. That just looks too pretentious.

Look Clean-Shaven Regularly, Easily and Affordably with ShaveItClub

Now you know why you need to bring the clean-shaven look back!

You can look clean easily and affordably look with the Shave It Club subscription box. When you buy a shaver online from ShaveItClub.com, you get a custom shaver and a monthly set of new blade cartridges. Not just that, but you also get a ton of perks from signing up with this shaving subscription



The Five Types of Shavers Men Use and their Pros and Cons

There are different types of shavers available in the market that guys usually purchase. A lot of men try different kinds of shavers before they settle on one. There are pros and cons in using these different types.

Straight Shavers

These classic shavers are the first razors to be manufactured in modern history.  Straight shavers are made of single sharp blades that fold into a sturdy handle. They’re the best quality-wise and will last you decades. They give close shaves. Until now, barbers use them to shave the beards of their patrons.

A downside to using a straight razor is the risk that comes with it. The blade is so sharp that one wrong move can lead to serious injury or even – gasp! – death! Owning a straight razor requires you to have a lot of practice shaving and blade sharpening. Recommended only for hair care professionals.

Safety Shavers

This is another classic shaver. It’s much safer than the straight razor. Your grandfather and father probably owned one – and still owns one.

These razors are made of metal with a permanent head fitted with double-edged blades. This type of razor is safest for the skin and produces virtually no skin infections. Like the straight shaver, it requirers a lot of practice just to get a close shave.

Disposable Shavers

Disposable shavers have permanent shaving heads and are made of plastic. They are the cheapest and most convenient. This is your best option to get when you’re out traveling.

They’re less risky in terms of injury, they still cause nicks and cuts, largely because of the inflexibility of the design. The blades in these razors

Electric Shavers

A lot of guys like electric shavers because they are very fast and efficient to use. You only need to splash water on your face before shaving with one. No messy gunk involved!

Unfortunately, they aren’t very effective in producing close shaves.

Cartridge Shavers

Cartridge shavers are what we recommend.

These razors are made of plastic or metal handles with flexible shaving heads. Its dynamic design makes close shaving a lot easier and safer easier. Most cartridge razors also use blades that are long-lasting and of high quality.

Cartridge razors are the most expensive type of razor, given that you need to replenish blades every now and then. Changing blades is better though, than spending hours of practice on classic types of razors, or spending a few dollars on cheap ones.

Shave It Club Subscription Box

One of the best shaving subscription boxes is Shave It ClubShaveItClub is an affordable Singapore-based subscription box that delivers a stash of new blades every month. Once you sign up with  ShaveItClub.com, you get to choose what color of cartridge shaver that you want to have. They have three colors available. Afterward, you can customize the number of blades that you receive regularly. They also offer perks to guys who sign up for their services and products.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with them today!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing Brand Events

Implementing brand events is exciting but also challenging. There are a lot of moving parts involved so you need to ensure that each of the cogs works in sync. With social media around, it’s also easy for people to share in the success or failure of your event. Without proper event planning, your brand event’s mishaps may resonate more than your message to your target crowd.

Here are the DO’s and DON’TS of doing brand events.

Do plan your brand events early.

Don’t procrastinate.

Planning early is key to successfully executing your event. First, you need to align all the schedules of your team and your suppliers. You should also ensure that your product marketing team and your sales staff are aligned with your event concept and messaging. This will help you communicate your needs better to your suppliers. Having an earlier lead time allows you to estimate a bigger budget and get finance to approve it.

Event planning should be between eight to twelve months. Actually, eight months is the ideal time for you to prepare. That gives you two months to conceptualize and scout for the right suppliers, and six whole months of planning events. It also gives you time to deal with major changes like photo and video reshoots, as well as changes in schedules. You also need to plan early so VIPs can pencil book them early in their schedules.

Most importantly, work backwards. The end should determine how everything else should be timed.

Do outsource as much as you can.

Don’t rely on your internal staff.

One of the major mistakes that companies commit is getting their staff to implement their brand events. While this might work for internal events (that’s what human resources is for, right?), it won’t work for major brand events. Your team members have specialties and tasks to attend to. Don’t complicate things by getting them to execute an event, since it’s not their forte. They can help in coordination, but not execution.

Here are the most important teams for you to outsource:

  • Hosts
  • Entertainment (if needed)
  • Event marketing team, including secretariat
  • Creatives (Graphic designer, photographer, videographer)
  • Catering
  • Logistics
  • Security

There are a lot of marketing agencies that do events, but I recommend getting one that specializes in event marketing.

Sho, an event company in Singapore, can help you implement your brand events. Not only is it an event company, but also a boutique  branding agency. To know more about them, you can visit their website at Sho.sg.

Do advertise.

Don’t spam.

If you’re doing a branded event for the public, then you need to get the word out! If you have the budget, then do both OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising, public relations, and digital advertising. Do broadcast advertising if you must. The more channels you use, the more your event is bound to be a success.

Having said that, don’t spam! I remember not wanting to go to a concert simply because I was bombarded with too much ads for it.

Best Subscription Box Gifts for Your Boyfriend, Husband or Fiance

Men love getting surprises from the women in their life. So if you’re thinking of giving something meaningful to your husband, boyfriend, or fiance, look no further! We suggest giving your man a subscription box! You can also give these boxes to your dads and brothers and sons.

There are different kinds of subscription boxes. The first type falls under grooming. Here are some awesome brands to check out.

Best Subscription Box Gifts for Him


Rather than buying him some random shaver online, opt for a monthly shaving subscription box instead. Shave It Club’s affordable and no-frills subscription box provides a supply of sharpest quality blade cartridges monthly. ShaveItClub offers three handle colors (black, gold, silver) to choose from. You can also choose the number of blade cartridges delivered to him regularly. The subscription also includes a membership card which is full of discounts and freebies from well-loved local brands like Forest Child, Sixth Empire, and Grey by Ortenhill. Visit ShaveItClub.com to view their complete list of products and membership perks.


Birchbox is a pioneer in the subscription box industry, so buying one box for your man guarantees he’ll get something of high quality monthly. Birchbox’s subscription box for men includes products for hair care, body care, and fragrance. Dressing and electronics accessories are also included in the package. There’s also a Birchbox available for ladies, so you can get one for him and for yourself!


The Ohhmybox team customises the subscription box on the basis of your man’s style, hair type, and skin type. Cufflinks, ties, and watches are just some of the products included in the package. The contents of each box cost more than $100. So at $57 a month, this box is a real bargain!

The second type falls under food and drinks. Who wouldn’t want that?


This subscription doesn’t come in a box, but provides your guy with all the grub he needs when he’s on the go at work. By subscribing to a meal plan, he can avail of 20 meals monthly in over 100 restaurants in Singapore and CBDs across Asia. This is perfect especially if you and your guy often travel outside Singapore for work. Meals cost $5.99 to $7.99, depending on the plan that you get.


If your husband, boyfriend, or fiance is an anime and manga aficionado, he will definitely appreciate TokyoTreat. These boxes contain 12 items, including snacks, candies, and a couple of manga series. They offer classic and premium packages, with the classic priced at $23 for half a year. Why scrimp so you can go both go to Japan, when you can bring Japan to his doorstep?


Bring out his inner bartender with this premium package from Shaker & Spoon! The monthly delivery includes liquor and recipes that you need to make drinks for 12 people. This is ideal for bachelors, but if you and your partner love whipping up parties (or just trying out creating our own liquor), then he would definitely enjoy getting this.


How Old Should a Guy Start Shaving?

Shaving is a rite of passage for every man. The experience of holding a shaver and cutting away the first facial hairs on the face is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Exciting, because it makes young guys feel manly. It’s also nerve-wracking given that using a blade for the first time puts him at risk for nicks and cuts. But when should guys really begin shaving? When should they have this experience?

This is a question that young men and their mothers or female guardians ask.

Actually, there is no right age as to when a guy should start. A young male begins to develop “peach fuzz” or the increased amount of hair above the lip and on the chin between the ages of 8 and 15. Michael Ham, the author of “Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving the Double-Edge Way”, says that “peach fuzz” is soft, downy, and easy-to-shave. As he grows older, his hair will become thicker and coarser. Dr. Clayton Cummings, a pediatrician, shares that the decision to shave depends on a number of factors. Factors include the volume of facial hair he has and how he feels about having some. Is his mustache or beard itchy and bothersome? Or do they embarrass him? Julian Chow, founder of Malaysia-based hair care line Barbergum, says, “As long as it makes you look messy or unkempt, start shaving.”

Whatever the case, you must guide him when he shaves for the first time. The younger a guy starts to grow hair, the earlier he needs guidance.

Here are the most important things to consider when your son, younger brother, or nephew starts to shave.

1. The kind of shaver he uses.

Use a shaver that is clean and new. Don’t lend him your shaver. That’s gross and may cause infections to spread.

2. The use of shaving cream.

Experts recommend shaving after a warm bath or shower to make way for open pores. Having closed pores while shaving will make him more prone to having nicks or cuts. He might also develop uneven skin if he doesn’t shower or bath prior.

3. The use of aftershave.

Using aftershave is important to prevent cuts and other kinds of skin irritations. Begin with a milder aftershave in this first years.

4. Introduce him to ShaveItClub!

As the young men in your life age, it’s important to instill in them the value of gentlemanly grooming. Encourage them to forego simple commercial shavers and instead go for a shaving subscription. Better yet, get them their own shaving subscription box. A shaving subscription is a box of shaving needs delivered at your doorstep every month, or every other month. You can buy shaver online through websites that sell them.

If you are looking for a quality shaving subscription box here in Singapore, look no further. Homegrown brand ShaveItClub or Shave It Club offers shavers in three different colors, and subscription packages. They also have individual products that you can give as a gift. Visit their website ShaveItClub.com for more details on their products.

Father’s Day 2018: Gifts That You Can Get for Your Dad

Father’s day is the day we honor the men who taught us everything in life. They teach us to ride the MRT, cook the best chicken rice, stand up to bullies, excel in studies, and repair our cars. They are precious because they help us live practically and with wisdom.

There are lots of gifts that you can get that appropriately honor the main man in your life. Our list includes different gift suggestions for different types of dads:

Father’s Day Gifts for 2018

For dads who are practical:

Father's day gifts

Credit: The Shave It Club official website

The Shave It Club

This father’s day, get your dad a shaving subscription box from The Shave It Club. This affordable monthly subscription allows him to pick his own shaver and delivers a monthly stash of new blades to keep him looking clean. A practical dad would love this gift because it would help him save time and resources. More importantly, the blades are of high quality.

Once you get him the subscription, your dad can also avail of freebies and discounts from various The Shave It Club partners. Sinseh: The Grocery, Balqi’s Bistro, and Time to Hijra are just a few of them.  Nothing like great freebies to make a practical dad happy!

Buy shaver online and order your subscription from their website.

For adventurous dads:

LeVeL33 Brewery Tour

Spend Father’s day savoring the best-crafted beer together at LeVeL33 at the Marina Bay Sands. During the 30-minute tour, you and your dad will get to sample their regular and seasonal beers on a paddle alongside a tasting platter. You’ll also get to see the behind-the-scenes brewing process and even meet the brewmaster. The tour is very exclusive, and will only include up to 15 guests, so book your seats asap!

Book a seat at the LeVeL33 Brewery Tour by calling 6834 3133.

For the cool and hip dads:

Singapore Trading Post

Add a piece of history and culture to your dad’s vintage collection this Father’s day by buying him stuff from Singapore Trading Post. They sell a wide array of items, including teak and rattan planter chairs, and pop culture items depicting Singapore’s heritage. But the real highlight of their collection is their tin ice buckets, which your dad will surely find fantastic!

Visit Singapore Trading Post at their shop at #07/01 Tan Boon Liat, 315 Outram Road. You can also browse their collections on their website, Facebook, or Instagram account.

For the geeky-cool dad:

Biker-Themed “Brunch On Route 66” at the Capella Hotel

Does your dad love geeking out on history, science, or politics? Then he’d surely delight a grand celebration at the Capella Hotel, where the recent Trump – Kim summit was held. Their biker-themed Father’s day brunch event features live food stations, the finest seafood selections, and poshest desserts. He also gets the chance to ride on the back of a Harley Davidson. This is an event and place that is worth spending on.

For table reservations, call 6591 5046 or email knolls.singapore@capellahotels.com


Why You Need to Have a Shaving Subscription Box

Looking clean-shaven is always a good thing. It makes you look young, allows your skin to breathe, and makes grooming more efficient. The men’s grooming industry is improving hair shaving. Now you can find online shaving clubs and shaving subscription boxes available not just here in Singapore but all over the world. These innovations ease the process of buy shaver online, and makes it more affordable.

Getting a Shaving Subscription Box

A shaving subscription box is a budget-friendly package that contains shaving essentials such as razors, blades, gels, creams and even hair shampoos and lotions. Packages are sent monthly or quarterly, based on the plan that you’re getting. They’re usually very affordable.

Why should I get one?

Getting a shaving subscription box can save you money and time. Driving or walking to the store just to buy an emergency set of blades wastes your time, gas money, and energy. Purchasing a subscription box saves you from all those hassles. It is also less expensive to order a subscription box than taking a trip to the barbershop. Here in Singapore, a shaving subscription box would cost between nine to 15 dollars. That’s a pretty sweet deal, considering the craftsmanship that goes in creating these shavers.

Shaving subscription boxes are highly customisable so you don’t have to worry about getting something generic. Subscribing allows you to choose what you want to include in your box and how frequently the packages need to be delivered.

Since you’re signing up for a club, you’re also signing up for an exclusive membership. And just like any exclusive membership, a shaving club membership earns you a lot of freebies and discounts.

Tell me about the quality of shaving subscription boxes.

Shaving subscription boxes are curated by companies that are solely dedicated to the art of shaving. Hence, their products cater to your specific needs. A quick Google search reveals what kind of benefits you get from a shaving subscription box.

There are brands that offer three, four, or five razor blades. They also include a bunch of refill razor blades, shaving creams and gels to your chosen package.

Premium shaving subscription boxes include post-shave scrubs, balms and soaps. There aren’t any premium shaving subscription boxes here in Singapore. You would have to order them from the United States or the United Kingdom, so they’re really expensive.

What if I want to give a shaving subscription box as a gift?

You can. You may not need a shaver, but your partner, child, or sibling might. A shaving subscription is an affordable gift that keeps on giving. There are some shaving clubs that also offer individual gift packages.

Is there a shaving club here in Southeast Asia?

Shaving clubs first began popping up in the US and the UK. There are only around two few shaving clubs in Asia (they’re in Singapore and Japan). Most men’s grooming brands include shavers in their subscription boxes. Despite this, these shaving clubs have amassed a following for their quality products and services.

Top Places To Shop for Muslim Items Like Abaya Designs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the top shopping capitals of the world, with its bustling shopping district located along Orchard Road. You can find almost all types of shopping centers lining along the stretch of Orchard Road like Ion Orchard, CK Tang, Far East Plaza, Centre Point and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

But what if you are a Muslim living in or traveling to Singapore and looking for places to shop for Muslim related items like attar, prayer mats or even burkini swimwear? Where do you go to look for such places? Well, don’t fret because the rest of the article will enlighten you on the top places to shop for Muslim items in Singapore.

Golden Landmark Shopping Centre
Golden Landmark Shopping Centre is strategically located at the heart of Singapore’s Kampong Glam district and near to Bugis MRT station. Kampong Glam was once a place where Arabs & Malay Muslims settled in when they first arrived in Singapore in the early 19th century. The influences and traditions that these communities brought to the Kampong Glam area is still very much evident today in the building structures and the businesses that still flourish there today.

One of the best attar or outh shops that can be found on the second level of Golden Landmark Shopping Centre is The Alchemist. Conveniently located at the entrance of the staircase leading to the second level, this shop is easily spotted and very accessible. There are numerous types of authentic attar and oudh fragrances that can be found here which you can rarely find anywhere else. And the main reason why this shop is called The Alchemist is because the owner can easily mix up outh and attar fragrances with such precision to suit your taste and senses.

Joo Chiat Complex

Joo Chiat Complex is located at another Muslim majority region in Singapore called Geylang Serai. It has numerous shops that cater to Muslim needs from Halal food, Muslim fashion, Islamic books, fragrances to prayer needs.

One of the more popular shops at Joo Chiat complex is Toko Warisan. You can find virtually everything that a Muslim may need here. This includes the latest hijab style, abaya designs, scarves, shawls, jubah for men or women, baju kurong (Malay Muslim clothings) and songkok (Muslim men headwear). Their clothings come in different sizes and designs to suit different people’s needs. In addition to Muslim fashion wear and clothings, Toko Warisan also offers other important Muslim items like prayer mats, prayer gowns, Qibla compasses and prayer beads. If you need Islamic resources, it also has Islamic books, holy Qurans and prayer dvds and compact discs.  And notwithstanding, you can also find fragrances and traditional lotions and ointments. Simply put, you can find everything under the sun that a Muslim possibly need at Toko Warisan.

Now that you are enlightened about the top places to find Muslim related items in Singapore, the next logical thing to do is to visit these places and get the items physically by yourself. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can purchase these items from online shops and have them delivered to your home. One such top website that enables you to do just that is HijabDressUp, where you can find all the latest hijabs, abayas and Muslim women’s fashion wear.

Mobile App Development in Singapore

Singapore is the leading smart city in Southeast Asia, with its citizens relying on mobile apps to perform daily tasks. They use mobile apps to hail rides, reserve a restaurant table for dinner, and pay all their bills. A mobile app is ubiquitous in the life of an ordinary Singaporean.

Singapore Mobile Usage Statistics

According to WeAreSocial, Singapore has around 4.71 million unique mobile users or almost 82% of its population. Of that number, 97% are active mobile internet users, and 91% are active social media users. 91% of the population use smartphones, while 42% own tablet computers. 7% of the population use wearable technology devices as well. 78% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

As a heavily mobile and heavily connected country, Singapore leads the way in mobile app usage in Southeast Asia.

Singaporean Mobile App Development Market

Because using mobile apps is a standard in Singapore’s modern culture, it’s natural to see a vibrant tech industry in the country. Not only do agencies create local mobile apps, but also mobile apps for businesses outside the country. Many foreign countries entrust their mobile app development projects to Singaporean agencies due to their experience and their technologically-advanced environment.

Mobile App Development Costs in Singapore

App development costs in Singapore vary on the basis of the following:

Type of smartphone

Android mobile apps take longer to develop than iPhone mobile apps so they are more expensive.

Type of mobile app

What will your mobile app’s function be? Interactive mobile apps like games, social media, messaging, and on-demand service programs cost more than informative ones. The more you need to update, the more expensive the app will be. Basic apps would cost around $10,000 to $30,000. Interactive and complex mobile apps can cost as low as $15,000 and high as $30,000. Productivity apps range between $15,00o to $30,000.

Type of interactive services

There are a lot of interactive mobile apps on the market. The most common among them are e-commerce and on-demand/marketplace apps services. E-commerce mobile apps can fetch from $15,000 to $60,000 depending on the app’s complexity. The incorporation of payment gateways in a mobile app also increases development costs. On-demand services cost between $20,000 to $90,000.

In terms of social media, Singapore has yet to have its own major platform. Singaporeans turn to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Reddit to connect with their networks. If you’re interested in developing one for Singapore, you should prepare between $40,000 to $100,000. Social media platforms cost a lot due to maintenance, customer service, and updates.

Games are another type of interactive service. Game apps cost between $80,000 to $500,000 depending on their type (2D or 3D).

Other considerations

A company interested in developing an app should also consider the costs of customisation, prototyping and other services. Other services include guiding you in the app submission process and providing ASO (app store optimization).

Ambient, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia

Ambient is a good app company Singapore businesses trust. It’s also the best app company Malaysia has to offer. They can help you develop your mobile app at very affordable costs. Visit their website today!

How to Tell if You Need to Redo Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, particularly search marketing, is at the forefront of digital marketing today. It’s a cost-efficient method of getting your audience’s attention based on what they’re actually searching for online. Other forms of content marketing, such as social media content, social advertising, and e-mail marketing are still valuable today. These forms of marketing strengthen your value, thereby building trust among prospective clients. Content marketing also helps build loyalty among your current clientele.

You may be using one or more of these strategies today, but none of them are producing results. Here’s how you’ll know that your content marketing strategy is not working and that you need to change it. These may also be reasons why you need to change your content marketing services provider.

You’re not reaching your audience.

This simply means your content marketing isn’t actually reaching anyone.

There are a lot of reasons for this. First, you may not be doing as much SEO content writing as you should. If you want to get more online traffic, you definitely have to write more. That means creating more blog articles, sharing evergreen content on social media, or developing an e-mail newsletter. The type of content that you’ll be developing should be based on a specific strategy. Being tactical just won’t cut it.

You may be doing content writing, but it’s not optimized for audiences. Content writing has to be based on what audiences are saying. It can’t be about what you want them to arbitrarily talk about. Your content also has to be written well. Years ago, SEO content was painful to read. Nowadays, audiences want to actually read something valuable and worthy of their time. So in order for your content marketing to work, you have to work with the right content writing services team.

You’re reaching your audiences, but you’re not converting them.

Businesses who use content marketing base a lot of their digital marketing success on metrics. The question here is, what metrics are you looking at?

There are two types of metrics: vanity metric, and an actionable metric. According to The Daily Egg, a vanity metric “makes you feel good without telling you anything about your business.”. Startup entrepreneur Eric Ries also cautions against them as they “don’t offer clear guidance for what to do” to your business. On the other hand, actionable metrics are statistics that help you improve your business.

So if you’re getting traffic and trial users but not converting to sales, that’s a problem. If you’re also getting thousands of “likes” but not getting enough engagement, that means your not communicating your brand message well.

Your conversion is spotty.

You may be converting online audiences to actual buyers but only when you have sales promotions. That means your content marketing strategy is not consistent. Your material needs to be consistent throughout beyond discounts and freebies to show your value and bring in sales regularly.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, then it’s time to restrategize your content.