How Old Should a Guy Start Shaving?

Shaving is a rite of passage for every man. The experience of holding a shaver and cutting away the first facial hairs on the face is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Exciting, because it makes young guys feel manly. It’s also nerve-wracking given that using a blade for the first time puts him at risk for nicks and cuts. But when should guys really begin shaving? When should they have this experience?

This is a question that young men and their mothers or female guardians ask.

Actually, there is no right age as to when a guy should start. A young male begins to develop “peach fuzz” or the increased amount of hair above the lip and on the chin between the ages of 8 and 15. Michael Ham, the author of “Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving the Double-Edge Way”, says that “peach fuzz” is soft, downy, and easy-to-shave. As he grows older, his hair will become thicker and coarser. Dr. Clayton Cummings, a pediatrician, shares that the decision to shave depends on a number of factors. Factors include the volume of facial hair he has and how he feels about having some. Is his mustache or beard itchy and bothersome? Or do they embarrass him? Julian Chow, founder of Malaysia-based hair care line Barbergum, says, “As long as it makes you look messy or unkempt, start shaving.”

Whatever the case, you must guide him when he shaves for the first time. The younger a guy starts to grow hair, the earlier he needs guidance.

Here are the most important things to consider when your son, younger brother, or nephew starts to shave.

1. The kind of shaver he uses.

Use a shaver that is clean and new. Don’t lend him your shaver. That’s gross and may cause infections to spread.

2. The use of shaving cream.

Experts recommend shaving after a warm bath or shower to make way for open pores. Having closed pores while shaving will make him more prone to having nicks or cuts. He might also develop uneven skin if he doesn’t shower or bath prior.

3. The use of aftershave.

Using aftershave is important to prevent cuts and other kinds of skin irritations. Begin with a milder aftershave in this first years.

4. Introduce him to ShaveItClub!

As the young men in your life age, it’s important to instill in them the value of gentlemanly grooming. Encourage them to forego simple commercial shavers and instead go for a shaving subscription. Better yet, get them their own shaving subscription box. A shaving subscription is a box of shaving needs delivered at your doorstep every month, or every other month. You can buy shaver online through websites that sell them.

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