Best Places to Find Halal Food in Singapore

Singapore is a food lover’s dream come true with its multitude of cultures and cuisines. If you plan on visiting Singapore soon and need to know where to find halal food , then this article is definitely for you. So read on to find out where the best halal food in Singapore is located.


Carousel is located in the first level of the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel which in turn can be found in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, Orchard Road. It is highly regarded as one of the best halal restaurants in Singapore offering a massive buffet spread of local, international, Mediterranean and even oriental dishes. In addition, you can indulge in its delightful desserts especially the fondue station.

Straits Kitchen

Another hugely popular halal buffet restaurant is Straits Kitchen, located within the lobby level of the Grand Hyatt hotel. Coincidentally, this restaurant is located very near to Carousel and in fact, these two restaurants are separated by just a road junction. While Straits Kitchen serves up a wide range of dishes as well, it is more well-known for its local cuisines which lined up the majority of its buffet stations. You can munch on many local favorites like satay, laksa, mee goreng, biryani rice, dumplings and much more when you dine at Straits Kitchen.

Kampong Glam Area

So far, the eateries mentioned above are restaurants but don’t fret if you are on a tight budget because the Kampong Glam Area is home to numerous delicious meals which will not cause a dent in your wallet. If you are into Indian cuisines like murtabak, biryani and mee/nasi goreng, then you definitely have to check out either Zam Zam, Victory or Tasneem which are conveniently located along the same row in shop houses just across the road from the famous Sultan Mosque. Alternatively if you are craving Malay traditional dishes like nasi padang, mee soto and lontong, then Hajjah Maimunah along Jalan Pisang is a place you definitely have to visit.  But if you like to choose from a wide array of halal dishes at very affordable prices, then Golden Mile Food Center along Beach Road is a must stop food destination for you.

Changi Village Hawker Centre

The last entry in this article is the Changi Village Hawker Center. It is a mere 10 minutes drive from the Singapore Changi Airport and is located at the heart of the serene Changi beach. At this hawker centre, you can find a wide range of halal food but the star of this location will definitely have to be the nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is actually a traditional Malay dish consisting of coconut rice topped with fried chicken/fish, anchovies, ground beans and a healthy serving of sambal (chili paste). The nasi lemak found here is so famous that it attracts huge crowds of people especially on weekend including Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is a dish you certainly have to sink your teeth into if you are visiting Changi Village Hawker Center.

And there you have it, some of the best food that are halal Singapore has to offer. But if you will like to find out more about Muslim friendly features of Singapore or halal food in Bangkok, halal restaurants in New York or even everything halal London has to offer, then check out HalaGo now.



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