Choosing a Tuition Centre for your Child

Parents in Singapore know how competitive the learning environment can get for their children. This is the reason why many of them send their children to a tuition centre. Many students in secondary take up chemistry tuition or physics tuition, due to the difficulty of the subjects. There are also students who go to tuition even before beginning primary school.

If you’re a parent, then you might find this concern relevant. However, you may be finding it difficult to choose which tuition centre you should be sending your child to. To help you out, here is a guide on the most important characteristics to look for in a tuition centre:

Understands Students’ Various Learning Habits and Needs

A good tuition centre values and promotes diversity in learning. It has to recognize that children learn differently and have different learning needs. Its management and teaching staff should always give children more opportunities for learning based on their different habits and needs.

Has Flexible Teaching Methods

Tuition centres use a curriculum that is up-to-date and coincides with the school year. While schools use a one-size-fits all teaching method, a tuition centre should be able to do otherwise. It should be able to customise its curriculum to the learning needs of students. The number of students should be small enough to make customisation possible. It also allows teachers to intervene quickly when students encounter problems in their lessons or otherwise. Tuition centre classes should have eight students at the most.

Tracks Students’ Progress

A tuition centre should have a transparent and efficient formal system to track your child’s progress. Charting helps you gauge the impact of tuition on your child’s performance.

Competent Teaching Staff

Teachers in tuition centres should have the necessary qualifications and experience. They should also exude professionalism, passion, positivity and trustworthiness at all times. These characteristics inspire your child to learn. Teachers who are both passionate and positive help produce students who work well and excel.

Conducive Learning Environment and Culture

The tuition centre should have an environment that’s conducive for learning. It should have bright lights, warm and colorful walls, and have a complete set of teaching aids and school supplies. Its comfy chairs and tables should be set in a way that fosters learning and discussion. It should also have a library and play area to encourage additional learning through leisure reading and play.  There should also be minimal or no distractions surrounding its location.

Your child should always feel welcome when they take their classes there, regardless of his or her learning needs. The environment should be warm and happy enough that they foster friendships there.

What You Can Do

You can request to observe a class in order for you to gauge if that tuition centre is right for your child. Check out how the place looks like. Look at how teachers interact with students. By deciding on the right place to send your child for tuition, you help them begin their journey to academic excellence.

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