Christmas Shopping With A Twist

Want to do something different this Christmas?

Looking to do more than just do the annual shop on your local high street? Why not treat yourself and the family to something different – the Orchard Road Christmas Light Up!


Orchard Road is the 2.2 kilometre long boulevard in the heart of Singapore’s shopping and tourist district.

Initially the scene of pepper plantations, Orchard Road grew into both a domestic residence and a shopping centre.

The first shop to appear on the road was Tangs which was established in 1934. The shop moved to Orchard Road in the 50s.

Today, it is the premier site for shopping centres in Singapore.

The street also features many examples of colonial architecture.


The Orchard Road Christmas Light Up began in 1984. It was so popular that it ran for twenty days in its first year.

The second year, people wanted it so badly that it lasted thirty seven straight days.

Today, it now runs from six weeks – from November to January!


Starting in November of every year, there is the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful shopping Christmas lights at “A Great Street”.

Then, for the next six weeks, the area is completely turned into a wonderland of light and splendour. There is over 2.5 kilometres of light, which spans from the Plaza Singapura to Tanglin Mill.

It is during this time of the year that the street is at its most fantastic and beautiful.

It is not just the heady mixture of colours and light, but there are also displays of interactive Christmas lights.

This is all the back drop to some serious shopping action, of course. If you have never done your Christmas shopping on A Great Street then you are in for a treat.

Choose between stunning shopping centres such as The Paragon and The Centrepoint.

Of course, there are a wealth of hotels on the road itself, including the Hilton Singapore, for when you are all exhausted with shopping centres.

As an accompaniment to the shopping centres, there are on street entertainments and performers with pop up shops galore.


The light up ceremony is when Christmas really comes to life, for the first time.

On this day, all the traffic is stopped and the road is closed for the duration of the ceremony.

You cannot come to Singapore, let alone the shopping experience of A Great Street, without seeing the Light Up Ceremony.

The fun includes installations and characters dressed up in costumes, as well as the best selection of shopping anywhere in the world.

Make sure you bring your camera or have your phone handy to take snaps of your close up with Santa and his Christmassy character friends.

With prizes, displays of lights and entertainment on tap, the Light Up Ceremony is a certain to be on the to do list for any tourist, or Christmas shopper in town!


Of course, it’s not all about shopping, shopping and more shopping – although, what is there not to like about that?

This is a completely family friendly experience, perfect for even the youngest child, to get involved with. But don’t worry if you are travelling alone or with a friend, everyone feels included and involved in the Christmas spirit, when you visit Orchard Road Christmas Light Up.

With carollers and a carnival atmosphere, the whole street is transformed into a performance arena, with mesmerizing shows and entertainment.