This is your opportunity to contribute to our site and blog, by writing about your experiences of Singapore.

We are interested in anyone who has something new to add, about the sights, the sounds, the tastes and the people of Singapore.

We want news stories, human interest stories, funny experiences and useful travel information, for anyone planning a visit to Singapore.

If you are a veteran traveller and want to share your knowledge and wisdom with us, we would love to hear from you. If you live and work in the city and wish to offer your perspective, we want to know about that too.

It is not only travellers and tourists whose input is welcomed on our site, we just want an authentic voice, telling it as it is, to our readers and followers.

The kinds of stories and posts we are looking for, are up to date news stories and events, that are currently happening in our city.

We would like to hear about any events, listings or occasions that maybe we don’t already know about. Or perhaps, we would like to hear about some of the events we do know about – but in a greater depth and with a fresh perspective.

… So, whether you are travelling to Singapore for the first time to experience the famous street food and have been completely bowled over by what you found, or you have been here a hundred times before and just discovered something awesome, we might be interested in publishing it.

Different opinions and insights into our city from travellers with a disability, might be another idea for a blog post. How easy is it to get around Singapore and how to cope with the transport system, could be another.

At the moment, we have a small, but dedicated team of writers and bloggers, but as we are looking to expand our website and broaden our outlook, we realise that we need to include more, diverse voices on board.

And maybe that person could be you!

To submit a blog is easy. We are looking for pieces of between 400 and 600 words.

You do not have to be a professional writer in order to write for our site, but we do ask for a concise writing style and somebody who can communicate their message effectively and succinctly.

If you can write in an entertaining, amusing and attention-grabbing style, then we would like to hear from you.

Previous experience is preferred, but not essential.

If you have written before, either for another blog or website, then please mention this on your covering email to our editor.

We cannot guarantee payment for our blogs at the moment, but this is a great chance for the right person to build up an online portfolio, via our site, which they can link their own site and profile to.

With thousands of views a day, you will be guaranteed an instant readership and we hope that by the strength of your writing, you will bring more visitors to our site.

For more information, please contact Sally Edwards Online Content Editor.