What to Look Out For When Choosing a Scrap Car Agent

The Need to Scrap a Car in Singapore

In Singapore, a car owner must obtain a certificate of entitlement(COE) before owning a car. The COE is only valid for 10 years and one of the options a car owner can take is to scrap the car before the COE reaches it tenth year. Scrapping a car involves obtaining spare parts or recycling the car after dismantling it. Apart from the obvious benefit of earning cash for the car owner, scrapping a car also protects the environment and saves natural resources.

Choosing a Scrap Car Agent

A car owner must send the car to an authorized scrap car agent to scrap the car. However, there are few things to look out for before choosing a suitable scrap car agent:

Years of Experience
One of the most important factors to consider when you want to scrap your car in Singapore is choosing a scrap car agent with many years of experience. This factor is crucial as it will help you determine whether or not the agent is a reliable source for all your car scrapping needs. The agent must be familiar with the car scrapping process from the dismantling, collection of parts right down to the recycling stages. Due to their seniority and expertise, customers and even mechanics around Singapore will recognise their brand name and be comfortable doing their buying and selling from the agent. An experienced agent will be known for its staffs’ professionalism, patience, and friendly disposition. Due to their experience, they will also have no problems adjusting and adapting, no matter what situation they or their clients are in.

Authorized Agent
The next factor to consider is whether the agent is authorized by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the governing body that oversees the transportation infrastructure in Singapore. When you send your car to be scrapped at an authorized agent, you will get a sense of assurance that the agent is reliable and trustworthy. The car scrapping process will be seamless as the agent is able to deregister your car for you, ensure that the necessary paperwork will be processed accordingly and ultimately that you will obtain timely payment for your scrap car. This will definitely give you a piece of mind that your car is scrapped in accordance to proper regulations.

Credibility and Reviews
Another important factor to take note of is the credibility of the scrap car agent. This can be done by searching for reviews on the agent by past customers on forums, message boards or even social networks like Facebook. Peruse through what they say about the agent such as whether the agent is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and whether their service is fast, efficient, and hassle free. And of course, be sure to check if these past customers recommend the agent and the ratings they give them.

The above are just some of the common but important factors you need to consider before you send your car to an authorized scrap car agent. If you are ready to scrap your car, then contact Seng Huat Motors Trading, an LTA authorized and very experienced scrap car agent in Singapore with raving reviews to find out more about scrapping your car.

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