Why You Need to Have a Shaving Subscription Box

Looking clean-shaven is always a good thing. It makes you look young, allows your skin to breathe, and makes grooming more efficient. The men’s grooming industry is improving hair shaving. Now you can find online shaving clubs and shaving subscription boxes available not just here in Singapore but all over the world. These innovations ease the process of buy shaver online, and makes it more affordable.

Getting a Shaving Subscription Box

A shaving subscription box is a budget-friendly package that contains shaving essentials such as razors, blades, gels, creams and even hair shampoos and lotions. Packages are sent monthly or quarterly, based on the plan that you’re getting. They’re usually very affordable.

Why should I get one?

Getting a shaving subscription box can save you money and time. Driving or walking to the store just to buy an emergency set of blades wastes your time, gas money, and energy. Purchasing a subscription box saves you from all those hassles. It is also less expensive to order a subscription box than taking a trip to the barbershop. Here in Singapore, a shaving subscription box would cost between nine to 15 dollars. That’s a pretty sweet deal, considering the craftsmanship that goes in creating these shavers.

Shaving subscription boxes are highly customisable so you don’t have to worry about getting something generic. Subscribing allows you to choose what you want to include in your box and how frequently the packages need to be delivered.

Since you’re signing up for a club, you’re also signing up for an exclusive membership. And just like any exclusive membership, a shaving club membership earns you a lot of freebies and discounts.

Tell me about the quality of shaving subscription boxes.

Shaving subscription boxes are curated by companies that are solely dedicated to the art of shaving. Hence, their products cater to your specific needs. A quick Google search reveals what kind of benefits you get from a shaving subscription box.

There are brands that offer three, four, or five razor blades. They also include a bunch of refill razor blades, shaving creams and gels to your chosen package.

Premium shaving subscription boxes include post-shave scrubs, balms and soaps. There aren’t any premium shaving subscription boxes here in Singapore. You would have to order them from the United States or the United Kingdom, so they’re really expensive.

What if I want to give a shaving subscription box as a gift?

You can. You may not need a shaver, but your partner, child, or sibling might. A shaving subscription is an affordable gift that keeps on giving. There are some shaving clubs that also offer individual gift packages.

Is there a shaving club here in Southeast Asia?

Shaving clubs first began popping up in the US and the UK. There are only around two few shaving clubs in Asia (they’re in Singapore and Japan). Most men’s grooming brands include shavers in their subscription boxes. Despite this, these shaving clubs have amassed a following for their quality products and services.

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