Chemistry Tuition and Physics Tuition for Your Child’s Future

If you are a parent in Singapore, it’s highly likely that your children are attending tuition classes in order to meet the government’s rigid academic standards. Among all the academic subjects, science remains the Ministry of Education’s top priority. Science subjects are also very difficult, thus making science tuition imperative for parents and their students. That is why there’s a large number of students attending chemistry tuition and physics tuition classes now.

Sending your child to chemistry tuition or physics tuition might seem to cost a lot now. However, costs are secondary if you think about how these classes can benefit their schooling, as well as their future.

There are a lot of advantages to sending your child to chemistry tuition, physics tuition, or both. Here are just some of them:

Provide a Supportive Learning Environment

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here in Singapore, it takes schools, tuition centres, and families to teach science education to students. Surrounding a child with mentors and fellow students will help them appreciate a difficult academic subject and do better academically. Mentors from tuition centres can bridge the gap between the formal and rigid way of teaching at schools, and lack of subject knowledge at home. They can also help address your child’s learning concerns at school.

Having fellow students around will make your child also feel comfortable in the process of improving himself and herself academically. Students fear how their school peers would see them if they are not doing good in a certain subject. Sending your child to a tuition centre will make them see that they are not alone. It’s a great way of telling them that there is another study environment out that is for them.

Gain an Appreciation of Science

Your child may initially find it dreadful to attend chemistry tuition or physics tuition classes, especially if they find science really hard. However, with the right people and academic environment surrounding your child, he or she may begin understanding better. Sending your child to tuition may help them appreciate what they are studying in a more in-depth way.

Strengthen His or Her Academic Background for a Fruitful Career

Chemistry and physics are difficult subjects, but they also hold many career opportunities for your children. By sending your child to tuition, you increase their chances of excelling in their Chemistry or Physics O-levels exam or even passing A-levels. With the right tuition centre, you could even send your child to one of the country’s prestigious universities such as NUS and NTU. A strong science-based education can help your child gain jobs in the fields of chemical engineering, quality assurance, toxicology (for Chemistry), as well as Engineering, defense, and even space exploration!

The Singapore Tuition Centre, Optimus, offers chemistry tuition and physics tuition classes. Optimus chemistry tuition classes cater to secondary school and JC students. Physics classes by Optimus are also available to secondary school and JC students. To learn more, visit their website at

Authorised Scrap Car Agents in Singapore

Why you Should Scrap your Car

There is a growing trend to scrap a car in Singapore due to the 10 year ownership restriction imposed on car owners in Singapore. A car owner needs a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) to own a car in Singapore but a COE is only valid for 10 years. After 10 years, you can renew your COE for either a 5 year or 10 year period but it will be expensive to do so. At the tiime of writing this article, a COE cost about $43,000. Hence it more practical to scrap a car than to renew its COE.

Some of the benefits of scrapping a car include earning extra cash, conserving natural resources and saving the environment. Before a car is scrapped, it is inspected for parts that can be resold or recycled such as car bodies, engine parts, catalytic converters, electronic equipment and others. If these parts are recycled and reused, it can help conserve natural resources such as metals which are finite and will eventually run out. In addition, scrapping a car can also save the environment, as the older a car is on the road, the more harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that it emits.

Authorised scrap car agents in Singapore

Now that you know about scrapping a car in Singapore, here are some agents to scrap car Singapore has to offer.

Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd

Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd is run by an individual called Ah Seng and his team with over 3 decades of experience in the scrap car, car parts collection industry and deregister car in Singapore.

Apart from earning the trust and satisfaction of countless customers across the island, Ah Seng is also well respected by many mechanics due to his friendly nature and professionalism. Many customers and mechanics alike come to him to scrap cars and buy and sell car parts. Regardless of the complexicity of any situation, Ah Seng is very skilled at adapting and ensuring that his customers’ needs are met.

Seng Huat is the go to scrap car agent if you are looking for reasonable pricing and an eco-friendly process. Virtually every part of your car will be scrapped and recycled and waste will be reduced to a mere 10%. Seng Huat will ensure that the process is fast, simple and done seamlessly from the deregistration to the cheque/cash issuance for your recycled parts. You can definitely rely on Seng Huat Motors to handle everything related to car scrapping efficiently.

Kheng Keng Auto Pte Ltd

Another reliable authorised scrap car agent is Kheng Keng Auto Pte Ltd. Kheng Keng
Kheng Keng Auto Pte Ltd provides a diverse range of services that caters to both motoring customers and partners in the automotive industry.

Apart from deregistering and scrapping cars, Kheng Keng handles a wide range of services. These include the trading of second-hand vehicle that are still in good condition including their spare parts, refurbishing of second-hand automatic transmission units and maintenance and repairing of vehicles.

Kheng Keng has two outlets at 47 Sungei Kadut Loop and 4 Defu Lane 1. You can find out more about their services at their website:

Wheelchair-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most tourist-friendly countries not just in Southeast Asia, but also in the world. The country’s surroundings are clean, with trees lined up on each street. Its government strives to keep the country beautiful and safe by enforcing strict security and cleanliness measures. Visitors find going around Singapore easy because its malls, shops, and tourist attractions are accessible to everyone. Singapore has a large senior citizen population. Because of this, you would find ramps, paved pathways and wheelchair rental services almost anywhere in Singapore. Even its public transport services are wheelchair-friendly. Hence, visitors with handicaps and the elderly can enjoy their time touring Singapore just like anyone can.

Here is a list of wheelchair-friendly attractions for tourists with disabled or elderly companions.

Gardens by The Bay

Admire lush greenery and beautiful flora through the Gardens’ automated doors, and wide, barrier-free wide pathways. It also has very accessible lifts, restrooms, water fountains and parking lots. Wheelchair-bound tourists can avail of free shuttle services from the Bayfront Mass Rapid Transit Station to the Garden’s Conservatories.

Singapore Flyer

After strolling along the Gardens, it’s time for you to enjoy getting high on the Singapore Flyer. Its parking area, ticket booth, and boarding area can are near accessible lifts. The staff are also very friendly and accommodating, and would adjust the observation wheel itself to making boarding easier. Each capsule can hold up to five wheelchairs and fifteen visitors.

National Museum of Singapore

Visit the National Museum of Singapore to know more about the growth of this humble city-state to a first-class country. The whole museum is wheelchair-friendly and has parking areas for vehicles shuttling persons with handicaps. Its lifts and restrooms are also very accessible to wheelchair-bound visitors. The National Museum is a great place for elderly tourists, especially those who share history with Southeast Asians and Singaporeans.

Universal Studios Singapore

Let your inner child out and frolic at Universal Studios in Sentosa Island. Universal Studios offers discounts on entrance fees for senior citizens. There are also attractions for wheelchair-bound visitors to enjoy. One of them is Shrek’s 4D Adventure, which has designated seats for less mobile visitors. Universal Studios also provides wheelchair-to-ride transfer services which the very helpful and friendly staff can assist you with. Best of all, there are lots of ramps, and places for people to sit and rest.

Wheelchair Rental Services

When it comes to wheelchair rental Singapore is a place you can definitely rely on. There are a lot of tourist attractions, hotels, and even malls that offer wheelchair rental services. But if you’re going to rent wheelchair in every establishment, then that would be very inefficient and expensive. What you can do is rent a wheelchair for the whole duration of your stay from a trusted wheelchair rental service provider. One of the companies you can call is Habibi Wheelchair Rental. They offer affordable wheelchair rental rates, as well as wheelchair delivery and pickup services. Call them to schedule a wheelchair rental today!



Choosing a Tuition Centre for your Child

Parents in Singapore know how competitive the learning environment can get for their children. This is the reason why many of them send their children to a tuition centre. Many students in secondary take up chemistry tuition or physics tuition, due to the difficulty of the subjects. There are also students who go to tuition even before beginning primary school.

If you’re a parent, then you might find this concern relevant. However, you may be finding it difficult to choose which tuition centre you should be sending your child to. To help you out, here is a guide on the most important characteristics to look for in a tuition centre:

Understands Students’ Various Learning Habits and Needs

A good tuition centre values and promotes diversity in learning. It has to recognize that children learn differently and have different learning needs. Its management and teaching staff should always give children more opportunities for learning based on their different habits and needs.

Has Flexible Teaching Methods

Tuition centres use a curriculum that is up-to-date and coincides with the school year. While schools use a one-size-fits all teaching method, a tuition centre should be able to do otherwise. It should be able to customise its curriculum to the learning needs of students. The number of students should be small enough to make customisation possible. It also allows teachers to intervene quickly when students encounter problems in their lessons or otherwise. Tuition centre classes should have eight students at the most.

Tracks Students’ Progress

A tuition centre should have a transparent and efficient formal system to track your child’s progress. Charting helps you gauge the impact of tuition on your child’s performance.

Competent Teaching Staff

Teachers in tuition centres should have the necessary qualifications and experience. They should also exude professionalism, passion, positivity and trustworthiness at all times. These characteristics inspire your child to learn. Teachers who are both passionate and positive help produce students who work well and excel.

Conducive Learning Environment and Culture

The tuition centre should have an environment that’s conducive for learning. It should have bright lights, warm and colorful walls, and have a complete set of teaching aids and school supplies. Its comfy chairs and tables should be set in a way that fosters learning and discussion. It should also have a library and play area to encourage additional learning through leisure reading and play.  There should also be minimal or no distractions surrounding its location.

Your child should always feel welcome when they take their classes there, regardless of his or her learning needs. The environment should be warm and happy enough that they foster friendships there.

What You Can Do

You can request to observe a class in order for you to gauge if that tuition centre is right for your child. Check out how the place looks like. Look at how teachers interact with students. By deciding on the right place to send your child for tuition, you help them begin their journey to academic excellence.

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Scrap Car Agent

The Need to Scrap a Car in Singapore

In Singapore, a car owner must obtain a certificate of entitlement(COE) before owning a car. The COE is only valid for 10 years and one of the options a car owner can take is to scrap the car before the COE reaches it tenth year. Scrapping a car involves obtaining spare parts or recycling the car after dismantling it. Apart from the obvious benefit of earning cash for the car owner, scrapping a car also protects the environment and saves natural resources.

Choosing a Scrap Car Agent

A car owner must send the car to an authorized scrap car agent to scrap the car. However, there are few things to look out for before choosing a suitable scrap car agent:

Years of Experience
One of the most important factors to consider when you want to scrap your car in Singapore is choosing a scrap car agent with many years of experience. This factor is crucial as it will help you determine whether or not the agent is a reliable source for all your car scrapping needs. The agent must be familiar with the car scrapping process from the dismantling, collection of parts right down to the recycling stages. Due to their seniority and expertise, customers and even mechanics around Singapore will recognise their brand name and be comfortable doing their buying and selling from the agent. An experienced agent will be known for its staffs’ professionalism, patience, and friendly disposition. Due to their experience, they will also have no problems adjusting and adapting, no matter what situation they or their clients are in.

Authorized Agent
The next factor to consider is whether the agent is authorized by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the governing body that oversees the transportation infrastructure in Singapore. When you send your car to be scrapped at an authorized agent, you will get a sense of assurance that the agent is reliable and trustworthy. The car scrapping process will be seamless as the agent is able to deregister your car for you, ensure that the necessary paperwork will be processed accordingly and ultimately that you will obtain timely payment for your scrap car. This will definitely give you a piece of mind that your car is scrapped in accordance to proper regulations.

Credibility and Reviews
Another important factor to take note of is the credibility of the scrap car agent. This can be done by searching for reviews on the agent by past customers on forums, message boards or even social networks like Facebook. Peruse through what they say about the agent such as whether the agent is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and whether their service is fast, efficient, and hassle free. And of course, be sure to check if these past customers recommend the agent and the ratings they give them.

The above are just some of the common but important factors you need to consider before you send your car to an authorized scrap car agent. If you are ready to scrap your car, then contact Seng Huat Motors Trading, an LTA authorized and very experienced scrap car agent in Singapore with raving reviews to find out more about scrapping your car.

Everything you Need to Know Before Getting a Wheelchair Rental

A wheelchair is needed when a person faces difficulties in movement or sometimes complete immobility as a result of a medical condition, injury or physical impairment. Some conditions that may contribute to movement difficulties include spinal cord injuries, diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, post-polio syndrome, traumatic brain injury, birth defects, accidents, falls, sporting injuries, and act of interpersonal violence. A person could have faced these conditions either at birth or along the course of growing up or well into adulthood. Depending on the severity of the condition, a person may need the use of a wheelchair either on a temporary or long term basis.

Wheelchairs can generally be moved by the user’s hand or by someone pushing the wheelchair from the back of the user. There are even modern wheelchairs nowadays which run on batteries and electric motors. In fact, there are numerous types of wheelchairs to cater to the user’s specific needs. Generally, a good wheelchair needs to be in excellent condition, easy and safe to use, lasts long and is clean.

There are also other important specifications to look out for when selecting a good wheelchair. This includes how much the wheelchair weighs and how much weight it can support. You do not want to be in a situation where the wheelchair you obtain cannot support the weight of the user. This will be extremely dangerous for the user and will definitely damage the wheelchair. The next specification is the width of the wheelchair seat. It will be wise to ensure that the width is of appropriate measurements so that the user will be comfortable while sitting on the wheelchair. Other important and useful specifications to look out for may include elevating and adjustable foot rest for leg fractures, waterproof backrest and seat, self-wheel and whether or not the wheelchair is foldable.

Wheelchairs can be used for various reasons. The main reason is of course for the user’s mobility to get around the house or go from one place to another. Secondly, it can be used for trips to clinics and hospitals during the user’s weekly/ monthly medical check-ups. People with temporary ailments or injuries can also benefit from the use of wheelchairs. In addition, wheelchairs can be utilized for a short family trip overseas to facilitate the user’s mobility and enable the user to better enjoy the tourist attractions and spend quality time with family members.

While it is recommended to purchase a wheelchair for long term use, it is more cost effective and convenient to get a wheelchair rental instead if it is only for a short term use. You can get a wheelchair rental in Singapore simply by calling the wheelchair rental company or visiting their website. They will usually provide detailed information about the wheelchairs to rent such as the wheelchair rental cost, duration of rental, types and specification of wheelchairs and how to collect and return the wheelchairs.

If you are interested to find out more and rent a wheelchair, check out Habibi Wheelchair, Singapore’s first dedicated wheelchair rental provider which focus on providing excellent service with real time support.

What To Look For While Choosing A Study Space

One of the most important aspects of studying effectively is choosing a stimulating and productive environment that not only boosts your concentration but also motivates you to push harder. While some students are not really bothered by their surroundings and can learn and retain regardless, the others actually require a dedicated study space where they can engage in highly efficient and uninterrupted study sessions. So, if you too are looking for an efficient study space and where to study in Singapore for making your learning more effective, here are a few major considerations that you must make to ensure that you choose the most conducive environment.

Level Of Lighting

The first and foremost prerequisite for a great study room is the availability of ample natural as well as artificial lighting. Reading and writing in poor lighting conditions can not only end up ruining your eyesight but also render the surrounding environment dull and uninspiring. Also, natural sunlight filtering through the windows can be highly stimulating for the nerves and boost your productivity while studying.

Easy Access To Power Points

Another important consideration to make while choosing your study space is the availability power plugs for charging your laptops and mobile phones. Low battery notifications can not only be terribly distracting but also end up disrupting your study session and cutting it short. Also, in the absence of easily accessible charging points, you run the risk of losing any unsaved data in the event of your battery running out. A great study space will offer multiple power stations to dock your chargers and enjoy uninterrupted study sessions.

Free WiFi Access

Given the changing face of technology in the recent times, one can hardly imagine an efficient study session without easy access to the internet at all times. You need to constantly Google new terms and look up reference material for your subjects on the internet. Easy access to the internet is absolutely imperative to ensure rapid retrieval of study related information at your fingertips. An efficient study space will typically offer free of cost Wifi connection with uninterrupted connectivity to ensure seamless study experience for the users.

Pantry Services

It is natural for most individuals to feel the need to refill their systems every once in a while, especially when they are engaged in prolonged study sessions. While some people like to nibble on munchies to improve their concentration, the others simply cannot live without a steaming cup of joe to keep them wide awake during late nights. While looking for a study space, it is worthwhile to choose one that offers you a decent menu of sorts at an affordable price.

Most importantly, you must ensure that the study space you select offers you a personalized space where you can not only stimulate your senses and work at optimum efficiency but also enjoy a fun and enriching learning experience. One such study space is Study One Corner, an air-conditioned study space with free wifi, bright lighting, easy access to power points and one of the best places to study in Singapore. Check out Study One Corner for more details on using their study space.

Cash Strapped? Salvage These Scrap Car Parts And Get Rich

When you think of scrap cars, you may envision a broken down, rusty old vehicle that’s probably not worth anything. But that’s where you’re wrong. While your scrap car may not bring you a lot of money when sold whole, selling it for parts can bring in massive profits.

Here is a list of car parts that you can salvage and sell, if you’re looking to make big bucks from your old automobile:

1) Doors
Car doors have numerous parts such as sensors, buttons, window controls and other small parts which can fetch a lot of money. Selling them separately is sure to bring in good revenue.

2)  Navigation system
GPS systems are a necessity these days and there are hundreds of takers for a used navigation system. If your junk car has an in-built navigation system, make sure you salvage it.

3) Catalytic converters
Catalytic converters are exhaust emission control devices that reduce the toxicity of the fumes generated by the car. The best thing about them is that they are made of precious and sometimes rare metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium, resulting in skyrocketing resale values.

4) Air bags
Air bags are some of the most expensive car accessories available. If you’re planning to deregister your car and your air bags are still not deployed, it’s a good decision to salvage them. There are multiple buyers who are willing to invest in second-hand air bags.

5) Music systems
Take a look at any scrap car in Singapore and you’ll notice that the music systems are seldom thrown away or destroyed. If you’re wondering why, the answer is the resale value. Music systems and radios are expensive accessories, which usually have a long working life. While your car may be beyond saving, chances are your car’s music system is still in near-perfect condition.

6) Wheels, rims and tires
If your car wheels are made of aluminum, you may have just hit the jackpot. Aluminum wheels and rims are great revenue generators and you could make a lot of money by selling these parts. Your tires, if still not worn-out due to use, can be sold for a decent price.

7) Air conditioners
Your car’s air conditioners can bring you a fair amount of money. With a bit of sprucing, your used air conditioners will be as good as new. Just like many other car parts, there is a large market out there for second-hand car air conditioners.

Your Scrap Dealer Could Be Your Savior

The problem with scrapping cars is that car owners don’t always know the value of their own vehicle. This is where the car scrapping agents at Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd will be extremely helpful. From assisting you in getting rid of your old clunker to helping you sell spare parts, they will help you with everything you need. Speak to them for more information.

How Hiring a Professional BBQ Catering Company Can Help You Organise the Best Party

Everyone loves a good BBQ party! A BBQ has everything you would need to have a successful team or family reunion – the social ambience, the sharing, the sense of belonging and so on are simply marvelous for any situation or occasion. BBQs are super fun, what with its high anticipatory factor – a group of people working hard together to get the meat grilled just right! However, there are also a number of things to consider before getting a BBQ done because it is simply not as easy as it seems.

If you are a seasoned professional in the art of BBQing, you will know very well what kind of hassles and troubles are involved in throwing a successful BBQ party! How many times you would have wished that there was someone else to take care of everything for you so that you could just sit back and focus on the most important thing of all – having FUN!

If you are not very familiar with BBQs, here is a list of things that could actually go wrong when you host a BBQ party:

– Your meat would turn out to be a disaster! Either you cook it too much, or you may end up undercooking it. Getting the meat just right takes a lot of experience with trial and error!

– You may end up getting the seasonings wrong – and no matter how well meat has cooked or how well you have organised the party, poorly seasoned meat can sure lead to embarrassment.

– Fire hazards will be peeping out from every corner.

– You may find yourself unable to focus on socializing and fun, and also focusing on the BBQ at the same time. As a result, you may end up coming across as a poor host and nothing would be worse for your reputation than this!

So how exactly does it help to have a professional BBQ catering company help you out?

Unless you are having a BBQ with your immediate family and friends, you have a lot of headaches to deal with when planning a BBQ party. Worse still, you may end up committing some serious errors that can prove to be really embarrassing for you, if not disastrous. Hiring a professional BBQ catering company for your BBQ party will help you because:

  • They are experts in safety: A professional BBQ catering company would be an expert in safety matters. They would know better how to avoid hazards and to oversee everything in the safest way possible.
  • You can focus on other things: This is the best part! Having an expert team handling your BBQ means that you can focus on socializing, chilling out and having fun without having to deal with the messy stuff that a BBQ usually accompanies.
  • You will have a better chance at success! Needless to say, with a professional BBQ catering company on your side, there is no side your party can fail.

Contact EZBBQ, a professional BBQ catering company, to help you organise the best party ever.

Why Work at Height Matters is Crucial for Managers & Supervisors In Singapore

Workplace safety is a very important factor to consider at work sites today, given the high risks involved in certain kinds of jobs in Singapore. This is all the more true for work that is done at heights in industries such as Construction. A lot of resources are allocated towards Work at Height training to reduce the instances of accidents and fatalities at the workplace.

However, what is most often overlooked is the need for training for even senior level supervisors and managers. Although they may not directly be involved in physical labour at heights, knowledge of Work at Height matters is crucial for their roles anyway. Let’s take a look at few of the reasons why Work at Height training for construction supervisors & managers such as the Work At Height Course for Manager Integrated is so important.

1) Need to train others

Managers and supervisors may find the need to train their subordinates at any given instance during the project. In such cases, it is important that they themselves are thorough with issues related to Work at Height so that they can facilitate and manage things better. Besides, they will be better able to conduct quick training sessions for their subordinates as and when required.

2) Better knowledge of legislations involved

Work at Height training for construction supervisors such as the Work At Height Course for Supervisors helps them to know the ins and outs of legislations and laws involved in working at heights. This will enable them to know their position well when certain issues come up. Thorough knowledge can also help in avoiding unpleasant situations.

3) Prevention is better than cure

Having been trained in Work at Height, supervisors and managers are able to foresee dangerous situations and potential threats. As such, they will be better able to prevent such things from happening, thereby not only safeguarding the lives involved at work, but also the reputation of the firm. One course which provides such training is the Work At Height Course for Assessor Integrated.

4) Better prepared for unforeseen situations

Sometimes, there can be situations that you as a manager may not have foreseen. You may even be forced to spend a lot of time on the height where the work is being done, and even have to be involved physically in the job. There may even be situations where the unit would have to work at night, in which case the risks are all the more intense. Work at Height training helps you to be prepared for these situations, thereby ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

5) Enhancing work site motivation

Work at Height training for construction supervisors & managers helps the management understand the issues faced by workers working at heights better. Naturally, this will lead the management to know how to enhance workplace motivation and engage in better management practices.

6) Knowledge of how to handle unpleasant situations

Work at Height training helps the management team to know how to effectively handle accidents and other unpleasant situations better. Knowing the rights of the workers involved and the legislations will help the managers make decisions that will keep the reputation of the firm safe, and keep Public Relations stable and healthy.

You can get in touch with Asretec, an established course provider, to find out more about Work At Height courses for managers and supervisors.