Cash Strapped? Salvage These Scrap Car Parts And Get Rich

When you think of scrap cars, you may envision a broken down, rusty old vehicle that’s probably not worth anything. But that’s where you’re wrong. While your scrap car may not bring you a lot of money when sold whole, selling it for parts can bring in massive profits.

Here is a list of car parts that you can salvage and sell, if you’re looking to make big bucks from your old automobile:

1) Doors
Car doors have numerous parts such as sensors, buttons, window controls and other small parts which can fetch a lot of money. Selling them separately is sure to bring in good revenue.

2)  Navigation system
GPS systems are a necessity these days and there are hundreds of takers for a used navigation system. If your junk car has an in-built navigation system, make sure you salvage it.

3) Catalytic converters
Catalytic converters are exhaust emission control devices that reduce the toxicity of the fumes generated by the car. The best thing about them is that they are made of precious and sometimes rare metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium, resulting in skyrocketing resale values.

4) Air bags
Air bags are some of the most expensive car accessories available. If you’re planning to deregister your car and your air bags are still not deployed, it’s a good decision to salvage them. There are multiple buyers who are willing to invest in second-hand air bags.

5) Music systems
Take a look at any scrap car in Singapore and you’ll notice that the music systems are seldom thrown away or destroyed. If you’re wondering why, the answer is the resale value. Music systems and radios are expensive accessories, which usually have a long working life. While your car may be beyond saving, chances are your car’s music system is still in near-perfect condition.

6) Wheels, rims and tires
If your car wheels are made of aluminum, you may have just hit the jackpot. Aluminum wheels and rims are great revenue generators and you could make a lot of money by selling these parts. Your tires, if still not worn-out due to use, can be sold for a decent price.

7) Air conditioners
Your car’s air conditioners can bring you a fair amount of money. With a bit of sprucing, your used air conditioners will be as good as new. Just like many other car parts, there is a large market out there for second-hand car air conditioners.

Your Scrap Dealer Could Be Your Savior

The problem with scrapping cars is that car owners don’t always know the value of their own vehicle. This is where the car scrapping agents at Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd will be extremely helpful. From assisting you in getting rid of your old clunker to helping you sell spare parts, they will help you with everything you need. Speak to them for more information.

How Hiring a Professional BBQ Catering Company Can Help You Organise the Best Party

Everyone loves a good BBQ party! A BBQ has everything you would need to have a successful team or family reunion – the social ambience, the sharing, the sense of belonging and so on are simply marvelous for any situation or occasion. BBQs are super fun, what with its high anticipatory factor – a group of people working hard together to get the meat grilled just right! However, there are also a number of things to consider before getting a BBQ done because it is simply not as easy as it seems.

If you are a seasoned professional in the art of BBQing, you will know very well what kind of hassles and troubles are involved in throwing a successful BBQ party! How many times you would have wished that there was someone else to take care of everything for you so that you could just sit back and focus on the most important thing of all – having FUN!

If you are not very familiar with BBQs, here is a list of things that could actually go wrong when you host a BBQ party:

– Your meat would turn out to be a disaster! Either you cook it too much, or you may end up undercooking it. Getting the meat just right takes a lot of experience with trial and error!

– You may end up getting the seasonings wrong – and no matter how well meat has cooked or how well you have organised the party, poorly seasoned meat can sure lead to embarrassment.

– Fire hazards will be peeping out from every corner.

– You may find yourself unable to focus on socializing and fun, and also focusing on the BBQ at the same time. As a result, you may end up coming across as a poor host and nothing would be worse for your reputation than this!

So how exactly does it help to have a professional BBQ catering company help you out?

Unless you are having a BBQ with your immediate family and friends, you have a lot of headaches to deal with when planning a BBQ party. Worse still, you may end up committing some serious errors that can prove to be really embarrassing for you, if not disastrous. Hiring a professional BBQ catering company for your BBQ party will help you because:

  • They are experts in safety: A professional BBQ catering company would be an expert in safety matters. They would know better how to avoid hazards and to oversee everything in the safest way possible.
  • You can focus on other things: This is the best part! Having an expert team handling your BBQ means that you can focus on socializing, chilling out and having fun without having to deal with the messy stuff that a BBQ usually accompanies.
  • You will have a better chance at success! Needless to say, with a professional BBQ catering company on your side, there is no side your party can fail.

Contact EZBBQ, a professional BBQ catering company, to help you organise the best party ever.

Why Work at Height Matters is Crucial for Managers & Supervisors In Singapore

Workplace safety is a very important factor to consider at work sites today, given the high risks involved in certain kinds of jobs in Singapore. This is all the more true for work that is done at heights in industries such as Construction. A lot of resources are allocated towards Work at Height training to reduce the instances of accidents and fatalities at the workplace.

However, what is most often overlooked is the need for training for even senior level supervisors and managers. Although they may not directly be involved in physical labour at heights, knowledge of Work at Height matters is crucial for their roles anyway. Let’s take a look at few of the reasons why Work at Height training for construction supervisors & managers such as the Work At Height Course for Manager Integrated is so important.

1) Need to train others

Managers and supervisors may find the need to train their subordinates at any given instance during the project. In such cases, it is important that they themselves are thorough with issues related to Work at Height so that they can facilitate and manage things better. Besides, they will be better able to conduct quick training sessions for their subordinates as and when required.

2) Better knowledge of legislations involved

Work at Height training for construction supervisors such as the Work At Height Course for Supervisors helps them to know the ins and outs of legislations and laws involved in working at heights. This will enable them to know their position well when certain issues come up. Thorough knowledge can also help in avoiding unpleasant situations.

3) Prevention is better than cure

Having been trained in Work at Height, supervisors and managers are able to foresee dangerous situations and potential threats. As such, they will be better able to prevent such things from happening, thereby not only safeguarding the lives involved at work, but also the reputation of the firm. One course which provides such training is the Work At Height Course for Assessor Integrated.

4) Better prepared for unforeseen situations

Sometimes, there can be situations that you as a manager may not have foreseen. You may even be forced to spend a lot of time on the height where the work is being done, and even have to be involved physically in the job. There may even be situations where the unit would have to work at night, in which case the risks are all the more intense. Work at Height training helps you to be prepared for these situations, thereby ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

5) Enhancing work site motivation

Work at Height training for construction supervisors & managers helps the management understand the issues faced by workers working at heights better. Naturally, this will lead the management to know how to enhance workplace motivation and engage in better management practices.

6) Knowledge of how to handle unpleasant situations

Work at Height training helps the management team to know how to effectively handle accidents and other unpleasant situations better. Knowing the rights of the workers involved and the legislations will help the managers make decisions that will keep the reputation of the firm safe, and keep Public Relations stable and healthy.

You can get in touch with Asretec, an established course provider, to find out more about Work At Height courses for managers and supervisors.

Importance of BizSAFE Level 2 Certification & Training for Companies in Singapore

What is BizSAFE?

BizSAFE is a five-step program developed by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC), Singapore, that helps business leaders address one very important concern in workspaces- safety. The program provides assistance to business leaders and organisations in building their workplace security health capabilities. BizSAFE provides them with the opportunity to improve in health and safety standards.

BizSAFE guides companies, starting from the top management, through a path that takes them towards workspace security and health. It helps them acquire risk management capabilities and implement a proper workplace security and health management system. The process helps participating companies in gaining recognition and reap the advantages of having an all-inclusive security and health system in workplaces.

BizSAFE Level 2 Certification

BizSAFE Level 1 certification targets top management, CEO and senior executives to inspire commitment from them. This is the starting point that ultimately leads one to the BizSAFE Level 2 Certification. The Level 2 of the program targets appointed risk management champions who are expected to acquire different risk management capabilities.

It’s a mandate for businesses to appoint a risk management champion who develops and manages the process in the workplace to minimise risks right at the source. The Level 2 of the program lasts for 2 days at the end of which, the risk management champion is expected to develop and present a well-crafted plan for workplace risk management.

BizSAFE Level 2 Certification holds importance in a Singaporean business environment where leaders are constantly worried about workplace safety. This level of training helps the risk management champion identify the actions that need to be taken. The training also requires the participant to form teams, assess risks, monitor and control workplace risks, and communicate them to various parties.

Below are a few aspects that are a part of this training level:

• Verification of expectations of the risk management representative with the right person in order to comply with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policy.
• Creation of various risk management teams on the basis the policy and meet the requirements laid down by the WSH (Risk Management) regulations.
• Establishment of various hazard identification processes.
• Establishment of various risk control measures to lower the risks of the identified hazards.
• Devising a risk management plan for workplaces to implement risk assessment, hazard identification, and risk control measures keeping the WSH policy as a base.
• Following organisational procedures in presenting the risk management plan to concerned stakeholders.
• Communication of hazards, risks and implemented control measures to the concerned person

After the completion of this course, the risk management champion is also required to participate in an assessment to grade for risk management competency. The WDA awards a Statement of Attainment if the representative gets a “competent” tag in his/her assessment.

BizSAFE Level 2 Certification is important for businesses in Singapore because it helps them comply with the principles laid down by the Workplace Safety and Health Act. It allows risk management champions to identify and minimise risks right at the source, increase ownership of industry stakeholders, and achieve remarkable WSH systems and outcomes.

Favourite Types of Events in Singapore

If you’ve been in Singapore for a while, you’d know that there’s only so much you can do in this tiny island city state of about 719 kilometres squared. But don’t underestimate the lion city just yet! Where Singapore lacks in physical space and actual number of locations to have fun activities at, it makes up for with the versatility and flexibility of its venues and locations, where various kinds of events can be done, thought of by some of the most creative minds and backed with expertise in event management.

What kind of events are commonly held in Singapore?

According to expert event organiser Marvele, corporate events in Singapore tend to be organised into 2 kinds – online and offline.

Online events include webinars, virtual events or live streaming events where information is shared online and people ‘attend’ online by accessing a website or webinar platform. These are usually done by companies or businesses looking to promote their products and services to an audience unbound by limitations of geography.

Offline events include trade shows, conferences, seminars or even breakfast, lunch, dinners themed around a topic, or sponsored by companies with a message to convey. It’s not unusual for a launching event or an awarding night to incorporate dance parties or teambuilding activities of some sort. Some of the more unusual events that show up more often recently in Singapore are hackathons that involve developers racing to complete a prototype product or application, and unconferences (also called open space conference) where the agenda is not set in stone by the organizer but rather driven by the participants’ passion and expertise.

Where do people hold their event in Singapore?

There are many stunning and unique spaces around Singapore – sure to be a fit for any and all types of special occasions for the company. For large-scale events, you can pick conventional venues such as Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre and MAX Atria (123,000 m2) Changi Exhibition Centre (100,000 m2), Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (42,000 m2) or the Sands Expo and Convention Centre (33,852 m2) — the latter two has the advantage of being green venues if you wish to impress your investors.

Aside from that, there are many luxury ballrooms and restaurants, complete with a host of entertainments that can keep your VIP guests entertained. Some of the more popular venues for hosting an event include The White Rabbit, Pollen at Gardens by the Bay, and FLUTES at National Museum of Singapore.

What’s the key to success in organizing an event?

Companies with no dedicated event management or marketing teams would do well to hire an event company to manage the events for them. There’s also another type of event that Singapore companies and organisations like to do, and that’s the team building themed event.

As said by team building expert Jack ‘Sparrow’ Chen of, “Despite Singapore’s small size, we are still a choice destination for corporates from around the region and all over the globe to hold their corporate team building activities and events.”

Team building activities that are done in Singapore are usually themed around food, (which happens to be a favourite pastime of Singaporeans) adventure, sports or nature. Yes, despite its small size, Singapore is not without its beautiful natural sceneries. Heritage roads like Little India and Chinatown has a lot to offer – a window into the past of multicultural Singapore, and a melting pot for cuisine from around the world – thanks to the diversity of people who live in Singapore.

Team Building

Discover The Street Food Of Singapore

If you are a foodie then you have come to the right place in visiting Singapore!

Singapore is where Chinese cuisine meets Malay and Indian cooking – and then blends them all together to create something truly unique!

In this blog, we will tell you what to eat and what to try out on your visit here and some places to do it!


A trendy place and definitely on the to do list for any visitor to Singapore. There is more than just food here – peruse some of the independent bookshops and other stores in the neighbourhood whilst you’re at it.



This is a steamed rice cake, which is topped with radish preserve and chilli.


This is a steamed bun with a filling of barbecued pork. The pau is seen as a great option for breakfast, so if you are passing by in the early morning, make sure you grab some!


With food stalls open every day between 11am and 10pm, this is the place to visit anytime to experience genuine cuisine on the waterfront.


People come here to try the great meats and satays on offer.

…And even better still – the drinks stalls are open 24 hours!


Situated in the east of the city, this is where food lovers come to try just about anything.

With many hawkers on the site, you can taste most things, in this forty year old famous food centre.




A perennial favourite of the food centre, these are made with vinegar, soy sauce and a fiery sambal.

Dishes start at $3.


These are yellow noodles of prawns and dishes start at around $5. Well worth a try!


This is close to the Central Business District and feeds hungry workers, as well as eager foodies, who go there especially to experience its’ culinary delights. This is an incredibly famous centre, so if you want to narrow down the vast choice on offer, here are our picks:




This is also known locally as the ‘UFO’ and is an oyster cake, which has its gems (the oysters) hidden within the layers of the fishcake.


This is fish bee hoon, which is a kind of thin noodle soup. The fish is, of course, fresh and cooked into a milky broth.

Christmas Shopping With A Twist

Want to do something different this Christmas?

Looking to do more than just do the annual shop on your local high street? Why not treat yourself and the family to something different – the Orchard Road Christmas Light Up!


Orchard Road is the 2.2 kilometre long boulevard in the heart of Singapore’s shopping and tourist district.

Initially the scene of pepper plantations, Orchard Road grew into both a domestic residence and a shopping centre.

The first shop to appear on the road was Tangs which was established in 1934. The shop moved to Orchard Road in the 50s.

Today, it is the premier site for shopping centres in Singapore.

The street also features many examples of colonial architecture.


The Orchard Road Christmas Light Up began in 1984. It was so popular that it ran for twenty days in its first year.

The second year, people wanted it so badly that it lasted thirty seven straight days.

Today, it now runs from six weeks – from November to January!


Starting in November of every year, there is the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful shopping Christmas lights at “A Great Street”.

Then, for the next six weeks, the area is completely turned into a wonderland of light and splendour. There is over 2.5 kilometres of light, which spans from the Plaza Singapura to Tanglin Mill.

It is during this time of the year that the street is at its most fantastic and beautiful.

It is not just the heady mixture of colours and light, but there are also displays of interactive Christmas lights.

This is all the back drop to some serious shopping action, of course. If you have never done your Christmas shopping on A Great Street then you are in for a treat.

Choose between stunning shopping centres such as The Paragon and The Centrepoint.

Of course, there are a wealth of hotels on the road itself, including the Hilton Singapore, for when you are all exhausted with shopping centres.

As an accompaniment to the shopping centres, there are on street entertainments and performers with pop up shops galore.


The light up ceremony is when Christmas really comes to life, for the first time.

On this day, all the traffic is stopped and the road is closed for the duration of the ceremony.

You cannot come to Singapore, let alone the shopping experience of A Great Street, without seeing the Light Up Ceremony.

The fun includes installations and characters dressed up in costumes, as well as the best selection of shopping anywhere in the world.

Make sure you bring your camera or have your phone handy to take snaps of your close up with Santa and his Christmassy character friends.

With prizes, displays of lights and entertainment on tap, the Light Up Ceremony is a certain to be on the to do list for any tourist, or Christmas shopper in town!


Of course, it’s not all about shopping, shopping and more shopping – although, what is there not to like about that?

This is a completely family friendly experience, perfect for even the youngest child, to get involved with. But don’t worry if you are travelling alone or with a friend, everyone feels included and involved in the Christmas spirit, when you visit Orchard Road Christmas Light Up.

With carollers and a carnival atmosphere, the whole street is transformed into a performance arena, with mesmerizing shows and entertainment.