Reasons to Bring the Clean-Shaven Look Back

The clean-shaven look is making a comeback. A few years back, many guys considered sporting long and thick beards in the name of fashion and culture. But, times have changed.

Here are four reasons why you should go back to sporting a clean-shaven look.

Four Reasons to Bring the Clean-Shaven Look Back

Because a beard is harder to maintain.

To maintain the clean-shaven look, all you need is a shaver, shaving cream and aftershave. If you’re using an electric shaver, you need even less. You only need a few things to look clean all the time.

On the other hand, maintaining a beard requires more work from you. To maintain a beard, you need all of the products mentioned above plus beard hair products. Buying beard hair products regularly will also put a dent in your current bank account. It takes more time and money to style a beard than to simply shave off your facial hair.

Because you have Alopecia Areata.

Alopecia reata is an autoimmune disorder that causes men to have bald patches on their beards. If you have this, it’s better for you to shave than try to grow a beard and be self-conscious about the bald patches in it.

Because you’re wearing a beard just to be trendy.

The rise of the beard was partly because of the rise of the “hipster” movement which essentially went against the norms set by big business and consumerism. More guys grew hair to respond to the strict corporate codes favoring the conservative clean-shaven look. Many companies also followed suit.

The problem with this seemingly anti-establishment trend is that it has become commercial. It has gone from being part of a movement to being just a trend and nothing else. In fact, a 2017 article in the website ShaveTalks cites a 2014  study which proves the ubiquity of the beard trend may have made it less attractive. Simply put, trendy beards can do you worse than better in the dating department.

So don’t grow a beard just to ride the bandwagon, grow a beard because you’ve been regularly growing one, or because you really want to have one.

If you’re wearing a beard just to match your lifestyle.

Freelancing? Eating more organic food? Consuming local lifestyle products to help small businesses and startups? We mentioned that the beard trend rose thanks to the hipster movement. But actually, you don’t need to have one just to prove that you’re doing all these great things to become healthier, help out the environment and local businesses. That just looks too pretentious.

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