Best Subscription Box Gifts for Your Boyfriend, Husband or Fiance

Men love getting surprises from the women in their life. So if you’re thinking of giving something meaningful to your husband, boyfriend, or fiance, look no further! We suggest giving your man a subscription box! You can also give these boxes to your dads and brothers and sons.

There are different kinds of subscription boxes. The first type falls under grooming. Here are some awesome brands to check out.

Best Subscription Box Gifts for Him


Rather than buying him some random shaver online, opt for a monthly shaving subscription box instead. Shave It Club’s affordable and no-frills subscription box provides a supply of sharpest quality blade cartridges monthly. ShaveItClub offers three handle colors (black, gold, silver) to choose from. You can also choose the number of blade cartridges delivered to him regularly. The subscription also includes a membership card which is full of discounts and freebies from well-loved local brands like Forest Child, Sixth Empire, and Grey by Ortenhill. Visit to view their complete list of products and membership perks.


Birchbox is a pioneer in the subscription box industry, so buying one box for your man guarantees he’ll get something of high quality monthly. Birchbox’s subscription box for men includes products for hair care, body care, and fragrance. Dressing and electronics accessories are also included in the package. There’s also a Birchbox available for ladies, so you can get one for him and for yourself!


The Ohhmybox team customises the subscription box on the basis of your man’s style, hair type, and skin type. Cufflinks, ties, and watches are just some of the products included in the package. The contents of each box cost more than $100. So at $57 a month, this box is a real bargain!

The second type falls under food and drinks. Who wouldn’t want that?


This subscription doesn’t come in a box, but provides your guy with all the grub he needs when he’s on the go at work. By subscribing to a meal plan, he can avail of 20 meals monthly in over 100 restaurants in Singapore and CBDs across Asia. This is perfect especially if you and your guy often travel outside Singapore for work. Meals cost $5.99 to $7.99, depending on the plan that you get.


If your husband, boyfriend, or fiance is an anime and manga aficionado, he will definitely appreciate TokyoTreat. These boxes contain 12 items, including snacks, candies, and a couple of manga series. They offer classic and premium packages, with the classic priced at $23 for half a year. Why scrimp so you can go both go to Japan, when you can bring Japan to his doorstep?


Bring out his inner bartender with this premium package from Shaker & Spoon! The monthly delivery includes liquor and recipes that you need to make drinks for 12 people. This is ideal for bachelors, but if you and your partner love whipping up parties (or just trying out creating our own liquor), then he would definitely enjoy getting this.


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