Top Places To Shop for Muslim Items Like Abaya Designs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the top shopping capitals of the world, with its bustling shopping district located along Orchard Road. You can find almost all types of shopping centers lining along the stretch of Orchard Road like Ion Orchard, CK Tang, Far East Plaza, Centre Point and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

But what if you are a Muslim living in or traveling to Singapore and looking for places to shop for Muslim related items like attar, prayer mats or even burkini swimwear? Where do you go to look for such places? Well, don’t fret because the rest of the article will enlighten you on the top places to shop for Muslim items in Singapore.

Golden Landmark Shopping Centre
Golden Landmark Shopping Centre is strategically located at the heart of Singapore’s Kampong Glam district and near to Bugis MRT station. Kampong Glam was once a place where Arabs & Malay Muslims settled in when they first arrived in Singapore in the early 19th century. The influences and traditions that these communities brought to the Kampong Glam area is still very much evident today in the building structures and the businesses that still flourish there today.

One of the best attar or outh shops that can be found on the second level of Golden Landmark Shopping Centre is The Alchemist. Conveniently located at the entrance of the staircase leading to the second level, this shop is easily spotted and very accessible. There are numerous types of authentic attar and oudh fragrances that can be found here which you can rarely find anywhere else. And the main reason why this shop is called The Alchemist is because the owner can easily mix up outh and attar fragrances with such precision to suit your taste and senses.

Joo Chiat Complex

Joo Chiat Complex is located at another Muslim majority region in Singapore called Geylang Serai. It has numerous shops that cater to Muslim needs from Halal food, Muslim fashion, Islamic books, fragrances to prayer needs.

One of the more popular shops at Joo Chiat complex is Toko Warisan. You can find virtually everything that a Muslim may need here. This includes the latest hijab style, abaya designs, scarves, shawls, jubah for men or women, baju kurong (Malay Muslim clothings) and songkok (Muslim men headwear). Their clothings come in different sizes and designs to suit different people’s needs. In addition to Muslim fashion wear and clothings, Toko Warisan also offers other important Muslim items like prayer mats, prayer gowns, Qibla compasses and prayer beads. If you need Islamic resources, it also has Islamic books, holy Qurans and prayer dvds and compact discs.  And notwithstanding, you can also find fragrances and traditional lotions and ointments. Simply put, you can find everything under the sun that a Muslim possibly need at Toko Warisan.

Now that you are enlightened about the top places to find Muslim related items in Singapore, the next logical thing to do is to visit these places and get the items physically by yourself. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can purchase these items from online shops and have them delivered to your home. One such top website that enables you to do just that is HijabDressUp, where you can find all the latest hijabs, abayas and Muslim women’s fashion wear.

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